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Leatherface DBRip


  • 110
  • Thriller / Mystère / Epouvante-horreur

    A violent teen and three others kidnap a young nurse while escaping from a Texas mental institution. Pursued by a vengeful sheriff, the disturbed young man embarks on a murderous rampage that shapes him into a legendary killer known as Leather face.

    Rampant DBRip


  • 122
  • Action / Thriller / Epouvante-horreur

    Lee Chung is a Prince of Joseon, but he has been taken hostage to the Qing Dynasty. He enjoys boozing, womanizing and gambling. He is also an excellent swordsman. His older brother Lee Young will succeed to the throne and brings Lee Chung to Joseon. He returns after more than 10 years. Soon, Lee Chung faces monsters that run rampant in the night.

    Jusqu'à la Garde DBRip

    Jusqu'à la Garde

  • 72
  • Science-Fiction / Thriller / Drame / Epouvante-horreur

    Le couple Besson divorce. Pour protéger son fils dun père quelle accuse de violences, Miriam en demande la garde exclusive. La juge en charge du dossier accorde une garde partagée au père quelle considère bafoué. Pris en otage entre ses parents, Julien va tout faire pour empêcher que le pire narrive.

    Predestination DBRip


  • 99
  • Science-Fiction / Thriller / Epouvante-horreur

    PREDESTINATION chronicles the life of a Temporal Agent sent on an intricate series of time-travel journeys designed to ensure the continuation of his law enforcement career for all eternity. Now, on his final assignment, the Agent must pursue the one criminal that has eluded him throughout time.

    Soeurs DBRip


  • 46
  • Thriller / Drame / Epouvante-horreur

    How three sisters tear each other apart when one of them decides to tell the life of their dying father in the theater.

    Goodnight Mommy DBRip

    Goodnight Mommy

  • 23
  • Fantastique / Drame / Epouvante-horreur

    In the heat of the summer, a lonesome house in the countryside between woods and corn fields, lives nine-year-old twin brothers who are waiting for their mother. When she comes home, bandaged after cosmetic surgery, nothing is like before. The children start to doubt that this woman is actually their mother. It emerges an existential struggle for identity and fundamental trust.

    Pandorum DBRip


  • 443
  • Science-Fiction / Epouvante-horreur

    Two crew members are stranded on a spacecraft and quickly - and horrifically - realize they are not alone. Two astronauts awaken in a hyper-sleep chamber aboard a seemingly abandoned spacecraft. Its pitch black, they are disoriented, and the only sound is a low rumble and creak from the belly of the ship. They cant remember anything: Who are they? What is their mission? With Lt. Payton staying behind to guide him via radio transmitter, Cpl. Bower ventures deep into the ship and begins to uncover a terrifying reality. Slowly the spacecrafts shocking, deadly secrets are revealed...and the astronauts find their own survival is more important than they could ever have imagined.

    K-12 DBRip


  • 61
  • Thriller / Fantastique / Musical / Epouvante-horreur

    In this eerily enchanting musical film by Melanie Martinez, Cry Baby, a strong and sensitive girl, is sent off to a disturbing sleepaway school thats hidden underneath a grandiose façade. Luckily, she has a sweet and unapologetic best friend who sticks up for her when she gets bullied by the other students whose brains are under control by the Principal and his wicked staff. With the help of the magical friends they meet along the way, as well as an Angelic Spirit Guide, they are able to gain the strength they need to fight off the schools belligerent patriarchal conditioning.

    Heroes Reborn DBRip

    Heroes Reborn

  • 67
  • Epouvante-horreur

    The Supernatural phenomenon begins again with a fresh crop of inspiring heroes who take on the ultimate struggle between those with extraordinary abilities and those with nefarious motives to hunt and harness their powers. Epic adventures await these newly empowered allies as they cross paths with some of the original characters, unlocking the mysterious fate of the universe and their place within it.

    The Banana Splits Movie DBRip

    The Banana Splits Movie

  • 67
  • Science-Fiction / Thriller / Epouvante-horreur

    A boy named Harley and his family (brother Austin, mother Beth, and step-father Mitch) attends a taping of The Banana Splits TV show, which is supposed to be a fun-filled birthday for young Harley and business as usual for Rebecca, the producer of the series. But things take an unexpected turn -- and the body count quickly rises. Can Harley, his mom and their new pals safely escape?

    Crawl DBRip


  • 129
  • Epouvante-horreur

    Against all logic, the competitive swimmer, Haley, drives into the mouth of a furiously destructive Category 5 hurricane on a collision course with her hometown of Florida, to check in on her estranged father, Dave. There, in their weather-beaten house amid a rapidly sinking and alligator-infested town, Haley and her father find themselves trapped in the labyrinthine mess of their flooded crawl space, where a merciless pair of six-metre predators is silently stalking them. Now--as Haley and Dave are gasping for air in the claustrophobic basement--only their will to survive can help them stand a chance against the scaly adversaries powerful jaws. Can they escape without getting eaten alive?

    Midsommar DBRip


  • 104
  • Thriller / Epouvante-horreur

    Dani (Florence Pugh) and Christian (Jack Reynor) are a young American couple with a relationship on the brink of falling apart. But after a family tragedy keeps them together, a grieving Dani invites herself to join Christian and his friends on a trip to a once-in-a-lifetime midsummer festival in a remote Swedish village. What begins as a carefree summer holiday in a land of eternal sunlight takes a sinister turn when the insular villagers invite their guests to partake in festivities that render the pastoral paradise increasingly unnerving and viscerally disturbing.

    Doom: Annihilation DBRip

    Doom: Annihilation

  • 204
  • Action / Epouvante-horreur

    A group of UAC Marines respond to a distress call from a top secret scientific base on Phobos, a moon around Mars, only to discover its been overrun by demons who seek to create Hell on Earth.

    Le Secret des Marrowbone DBRip

    Le Secret des Marrowbone

  • 228
  • Thriller / Epouvante-horreur

    Three brothers and a sister have just lost their mother. After her death they fear to be separated, so to protect themselves and prevent this from happening they decide to flee to an abandoned farm, a place that is not what it seems, because it hides a dark secret between its walls.

    Le dernier chapitre DBRip

    Le dernier chapitre

  • 84
  • Epouvante-horreur

    When a Canadian Biker Gang decides to expand into Ontario despite the will of some Quebec members, internal tensions grow, as well as unintended rivalries. The police watches everything from a distance.

    Alien: Covenant DBRip

    Alien: Covenant

  • 710
  • Action / Science-Fiction / Epouvante-horreur

    Les membres déquipage du vaisseau Covenant, à destination dune planète située au fin fond de notre galaxie, découvrent ce quils pensent être un paradis encore intouché. Il sagit en fait dun monde sombre et dangereux, cachant une menace terrible. Ils vont tout tenter pour séchapper.

    Ça DBRip


  • 361
  • Thriller / Epouvante-horreur

    À Derry, dans le Maine, sept gamins ayant du mal à sintégrer se sont regroupés au sein du Club des Ratés. Rejetés par leurs camarades, ils sont les cibles favorites des gros durs de lécole. Ils ont aussi en commun davoir éprouvé leur plus grande terreur face à un terrible prédateur métamorphe quils appellent Ça Car depuis toujours, Derry est en proie à une créature qui émerge des égouts tous les 27 ans pour se nourrir des terreurs de ses victimes de choix : les enfants. Bien décidés à rester soudés, les Ratés tentent de surmonter leurs peurs pour enrayer un nouveau cycle meurtrier. Un cycle qui a commencé un jour de pluie lorsquun petit garçon poursuivant son bateau en papier sest retrouvé face-à-face avec le Clown Grippe-Sou

    La casa del fin de los tiempos DBRip

    La casa del fin de los tiempos

  • 117
  • Thriller / Drame / Epouvante-horreur

    The first Venezuelan supernatural thriller: Dulce is a mother of two who suddenly experiences terrifying encounters with mysterious apparitions inside her old house, a place where a terrible prophecy is about to be unleashed. Thirty years later, an elderly Dulce returns home to decipher the mystery and the tragedy that have tormented her for so long.

    The Forest DBRip

    The Forest

  • 121
  • Epouvante-horreur

    The majority of the story is set in and around the Aokigahara Forest, a forest at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan known as a popular destination for suicide. Sara Price (Natalie Dormer), an American woman, receives a phone call from the Japanese police telling her that they think her troubled twin sister Jess Price (also Dormer) is dead, as she was seen going into Aokigahara forest. Despite the concerns of her fiance, Rob, she journeys to Japan and arrives at the hotel where her sister was staying. At her hotel, Sara meets a reporter named Aiden. They drink together, and she tells him of her parents death. In reality, her father killed her mother, then committed suicide, but she tells him they were killed by a drunk driver. Her sister saw the bodies, but she didnt look. Aiden invites her to go into the forest with him and a park guide, Michi, so she can look for her sister..

    Feedback DBRip


  • 197
  • Thriller / Epouvante-horreur

    London, 2019. Jarvis Dolan is a charismatic host of a radio show named The Grim Reality, about news and actuality. Loudmouth, fun and ruthless in his speeches and comments, Jarvis is the most important radio star of the moment, entertaining the audience throughout the early morning with his intelligent programs on hot topics. Previous the job, Dolan is required by his boss Norman Burgess to have a brief talk about the fate of the program by the recent poor ratings, that reporting Dolan to accept to his former partner, Andrew Wilde, as co-host, in an attempt to improvement the show. Going they two to the studio, Wilde meets Dolans assistants, Anthony and Claire, who work making the show behind the micros. But when Dolan tries to start the program while he waits for Wilde, who had to go out a little before to back more later, he finds suddenly trapped by the circumstances: two masked men have assaulted the radio station at gunpoint and kidnapped Anthony and Claire, making him to keep ...

    Darlin DBRip


  • 161
  • Thriller / Epouvante-horreur

    Found at a Catholic hospital filthy and ferocious, feral teenager Darlin is whisked off to a care home run by The Bishop and his obedient nuns, where shes to be rehabilitated into a good girl as an example of the miraculous work of the church. But Darlin holds a secret darker than the sins she is threatened with, and she is not traveling alone. The Woman who raised her, equally fierce and feral, is ever present in the shadows of Darlins psyche and is determined to come for her no matter who tries to get in her way.

    Freaks of Nature DBRip

    Freaks of Nature

  • 109
  • Comédie musicale / Comédie / Epouvante-horreur

    In Freaks of Nature, we welcome you to Dillford, where three days ago, everything was peaceful and business as usual: the vampires were at the top of the social order, the zombies were at the bottom, and the humans were getting along in the middle. But this delicate balance was ripped apart when the alien apocalypse arrived in Dillford and put an end to all the harmony. Now its humans vs. vampires vs. zombies in all-out, blood-sucking, brain-eating, vamp-staking mortal combat - and all of them are on the run from the aliens. It is up to three teenagers - one human, one vampire, and one zombie - to team up, figure out how to get rid of the interplanetary visitors, and try to restore order to this normal little town.

    Little Monsters DBRip

    Little Monsters

  • 92
  • Comédie / Epouvante-horreur

    Dave, musicien raté, égoïste et irresponsable, tombe sous le charme de linstitutrice de son neveu, Miss Caroline. Il se porte volontaire pour accompagner la classe lors dune sortie éducative dans une ferme voisine. Non loin de là, un virus séchappe dun camp militaire et une épidémie de Zombies prolifère. Face à linvasion, Miss Caroline décide de présenter la terrible menace aux enfants comme un jeu éducatif, pour ne pas les effrayer et protéger leur innocence. Dave voit ses plans séloigner et va devoir faire face à ses responsabilités...

    The Itsy Bitsy Spider DBRip

    The Itsy Bitsy Spider

  • 38
  • Fantastique / Epouvante-horreur

    Découvrez toutes les informations sur le court-métrage The Itsy Bitsy Spider, les vidéos et les dernières actualités.

    Hyper tension DBRip

    Hyper tension

  • 218
  • Thriller / Epouvante-horreur

    Chev Chelios est un tueur à gages qui na pas rempli un banal contrat : la veille, il a en effet raté sa cible. Et ce matin-là, Chev est réveillé par un coup de téléphone de bien mauvaise augure. A lautre bout du fil, le malfrat Ricky Verona lui apprend quil a été empoisonné dans son sommeil et quil ne lui reste quune heure à vivre...Désormais, Chelios ne doit surtout pas rester immobile - sous peine de mourir dun instant àlautre : il lui faut stimuler son adrénaline pour empêcher le poison de provoquer un arrêt cardiaque. Dans une terrible course contre la montre, Chev parcourt les rues de Los Angeles, nhésitant pas à affronter ceux qui osent se mettre en travers de sa route. Il na dorénavant dautre choix que de trouver lantidote lui permettant déchapper à une mort certaine...

    Split DBRip


  • 267
  • Thriller / Fantastique / Epouvante-horreur

    Though Kevin (James McAvoy) has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all of the others. Compelled to abduct three teenage girls led by the willful, observant Casey, Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of those contained within him -- as well as everyone around him -- as the walls between his compartments shatter.

    Yakuza Apocalypse DBRip

    Yakuza Apocalypse

  • 353
  • Action / Comédie / Epouvante-horreur

    Kamiura est un chef Yakuza légendaire. On dit quil est immortel, en fait cest un vampire, un chef Yakuza vampire ! Kageyama est le plus fidèle membre de son clan, mais les autres yakuzas se moquent de lui : sa peau est trop sensible pour être tatouée.Un jour, des hommes arrivent de létranger et lui délivrent un ultimatum : Kamiura doit retourner à un syndicat du crime international quil a quitté ou mourir. Kamiura refuse et son corps est démembré au terme dune bagarre féroce. Avant de mourrir, Kamiura arrive à mordre Kageyama, lui transmettant ses pouvoirs. A son réveil Kageyama, va se servir de ces pouvoirs pour venger la mort de son chef et combattre ce syndicat international du crime.

    Creep 2 DBRip

    Creep 2

  • 170
  • Epouvante-horreur

    Une artiste trouve la personne idéale pour créer une uvre sensationnelle, mais le sujet de ses rêves révèle vite son côté machiavélique.

    They Remain DBRip

    They Remain

  • 126
  • Epouvante-horreur

    Découvrez toutes les informations sur le film They Remain, les vidéos et les dernières actualités.

    I Wish - Faites un vu DBRip

    I Wish - Faites un vu

  • 230
  • Action / Thriller / Epouvante-horreur

    Pas facile de survivre à lenfer du lycée, Claire Shannon et ses copines en savent quelque chose. Du coup, quand son père lui offre une ancienne boîte à musique dont les inscriptions promettent dexaucer tous ses vux, Claire tente sa chance. Et ça marche ! Argent, popularité, petit ami, tout semble parfait. Mais le rêve a un prix : au fur et à mesure de ses souhaits, des personnes de son entourage meurent dans des conditions particulièrement atroces. Claire le sait : elle doit se débarrasser de la boîte pour sauver sa vie et celle de ses proches avant de faire le voeu de trop.